Our School

Blacklands Primary School and Early Years is a non-denominational, co-educational school. The present roll in the primary department is 124 pupils who are in 6 classes from Primary 1 to Primary 7.

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Blacklands Primary School: Standards and Quality Report

Our overall Aim

To work in a sustainable way with our partners to build a better North Ayrshire in which all citizens can participate, learn and contribute to the community.

Our Values

•    Excellence
•    Openness
•    Respect
•    Inclusion
•    Equity

Our Priorities

•    Increasing Educational attainment and achievement.
•    Developing confident individuals, responsible citizens, effective contributors and successful learners.
•    Increasing the number of young people moving to positive post-school destinations.
•    Promoting better health and more physical activity.
•    Reducing disadvantage and promoting equality.
•    Empowering community through participation in cultural and lifelong learning.
•    Supporting the professional development of staff.
•    Providing high quality facilities making best use of resources.



Blacklands Primary and Early Years Class Staff

Job Title Member of staff  
Head Teacher Mrs E McNeil  
Acting Principal Teacher Mrs P Norwood  
Primary 1 Miss E Pursley  
Primary 2 Miss E Moffat  
Primary 3 Mrs T Weeks  
Primary 4 Mrs L Taylor & Mrs H McKie  
Primary 5/6 Mrs J Reid & Miss S Harper  
Primary 7 Mrs A McKenzie & Miss S Harper  
Nurture Teacher Mrs S Scott  
Support for Learning Mrs J Wilde  
Early Years Practitioner (Nurture) Mrs E Langan  
Early Years Practitioner (EYC) Mrs T Main  
Early Years Practitioner (EYC) Miss J Fraser  
Janitor Mr G Devlin  
Senior Clerical Miss K Smith  
ASN Assistant Mrs H Rennie  
Classroom Assistant Mrs J Bertram  
Classroom Assistant Mrs A Spence  
Classroom Assistant Mrs L Taylor  
Classroom Assistant Mrs M Meechan  
Cleaning Supervisor Mrs J Thomson  
Cleaning Assistant Mrs E Murphy  






We welcome students from universities and colleges for training placements and senior pupils from local high schools for job-experience placements.


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